We create a custom design to transform Tumble cups, T-shirts, company shirts, and accessories into unique pieces of art with visual effects.  Some of a kind to standard custom look based on the demands that can be ordered by just selecting a product ID number, color options, and quantity.

To bring your ideas to life a One on One consultation is required and loaded photos of required images so we can develop the concept. But we will not move forward until the design is approved and signed agreement and deposit of an agreed amount is received. Small orders for T-shirts the color vs quantities for each shirt size will vary in prices.

For large quantity projects after the prototype, type is approved third party sources is assigned to generate large turnover, and packaging with agreed duration for family reunions, conventions, concert tours, and companies. Our company short links to our website are printed at the bottom of our cups to sure with family, friends, and associates.

We will provide washing instructions to help the product last when it comes to fabric design items.